Winnipeg cancer patient credits HSC for making her ‘whole again’

With yoga, Ida Albo strives for a complete, mind and body health experience.

And Health Sciences Centre Foundation played a major role in this breast cancer survivor’s life, not once, but twice.

“The shock came when I found out that my cancer had come back. And it was a localized re-occurrence, they picked it up on an MRI and at that point is basically a mastectomy.”

Ida opted for a double mastectomy, after learning about two plastic surgeons in Winnipeg were doing immediate reconstruction after the removal of the breasts.

“It just made it so much easier to know I would have an immediate reconstruction and that the surgery,” Albo said, fighting back tears.

“I think it was maybe six to eight weeks from the diagnosis, to actually have the surgery. So there was the wait time, and also knowing that you are whole again when you wake up.”

Normally, the reconstruction process can take up to two years. But with the help of the HSC Foundation and in-house plastic surgeons, that time can be massively reduced.

Something that helped Albo maintain her sense of completeness, both physically and mentally.

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