Sanctions stay for Limestone District School Board trustee

A public school board trustee won’t be joining his colleagues around the table anytime soon. Tom Mahoney was censured by the Limestone District board earlier this year and he’s not allowed to attend meetings or participate in any votes.

The latest attempt to reverse the board’s decision didn’t get any traction with fellow trustees Wednesday night as they read nearly four pages detailing what is being called inappropriate behaviour to uphold the sanctions and keep Mahoney on the sidelines.

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“It seemed to be falling short just saying they were three continuous sanctions and having them read in public session and it was prompted by trustee Mahoney’s request that we make all of those items public,” said Paula Murray, the school board chair.

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Despite what the board says, 85 people signed a letter to get Mahoney’s ban lifted from attending meetings. However, the letter fell on deaf ears.

Mahoney wasn’t at the meeting. CKWS did, however, contact him at his home for reaction.

“I can refute a lot of the things that were said there and I strongly believe that the information, all of the information wasn’t provided so that the decisions that were made weren’t based truly on the facts,” he said.

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Mahoney isn’t running for a second term but when asked, said he’d do it all over again.

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