Nova Scotia legislature wraps up after routine 25-day fall sitting

The Nova Scotia legislature wrapped a routine 25-day fall sitting Thursday that was largely marked by opposition complaints about the Liberal government’s lack of openness.

Exactly 25 bills were passed during the sitting, which also saw committee changes that drew opposition ire.

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The Liberals used their majority on the powerful public accounts committee to change the practice of allowing all three parties to choose topics and decide who will come before the committee.

Under the change, topics will come directly from reports filed by the province’s auditor general.

But Premier Stephen McNeil maintains alternate topics can still come through a public accounts sub-committee – and points to another change that will see a committee created that is solely dedicated to health care.

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McNeil says the province’s largest budget item is health care and no other government has opened the Health Department up to the public scrutiny that will come with the new committee.

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