Scott Thompson: Do you pay more insurance when you don’t wear a motorcycle helmet?

Premier Doug Ford is honouring another election promise by allowing motorcycling Sikhs to ride sporting their turbans instead of the regulation helmets everyone else must wear.

Nothing new here: Ontario will join Manitoba, Alberta, B.C. and several countries that offer the exemption.

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The PC leader said safety is top priority but, “our government also believes that individuals have personal accountability with respect to their own well-being.”

The Canadian Safety Council called the decision, “disappointing” saying there will be more injuries.

Like seatbelts, there is a reason these helmet laws were put in place. It’s been proven they save lives.

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If you live a lifestyle with more risk than the average Canadian you pay more in insurance. Ask any smoker, speeder, or even pro athlete in a dangerous sport.

Should this be any different?

Do their insurance rates go up because, as a motorcycle rider without a helmet, they are now more in danger of serious injury, pain and suffering?

I respect religious freedom that doesn’t harm others, but I’m not sure the rest of us want to pay for what most Canadians would call a really bad choice.

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