Four-year-old runs away from Winnipeg school twice in one day

Darcee Davidson’s four-year-old son is busy and likes to play, but this week his curiosity and adventurous spirit could have got him hurt.

Her son Colten Voss started kindergarten this week, and Thursday he ran away from Westview School during his break, she said.

He then walked the less-than-five minute trek to his home in Transcona.

“It is hard not to worry, knowing that the safety of your child is in someone else’s hands. But still, you have to think that your child is in good hands,” said Davidson.

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“What bothers me is when there are so many adults out there supposed to be watching your kids and they don’t even notice when one walks away.”

She got a call from her neighbour, who spotted the boy in the back lane and sent him back to school.

“[It] was the most horrifying moment of my life and I would not wish that feeling upon any other parent,” she said.

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Davidson said her son managed to run away from the school a second time that day.

She said she will be talking to him every day about the importance of staying in class. She’s hoping other local parents will do the same.

“Please talk to your children about school safety and staying on school grounds when they should be.”

The principal of Weston School politely declined to give an interview and directed Global News towards the River East-Transcona School Division. Global News has reached out to the division for comment.

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